Unsecured Education Loan from NIC bank Kenya


For all students wishing to join campus or college but may be having some financial challenges, you are not limited to a HELB loan. Yes! This is because you can get an unsecured Education loan from NIC bank.

This package is presented to students in colleges or guardian who are taking their children to school. However, unlike HELB that provides some upkeep money, the NIC education loan will only cater for your entire tuition fee for the whole course and leave you to worry only about the upkeep money.

Also, to qualify for the loan, you must be pursuing a course that is more than KES 50000 and not above KES 1000000. This is the respective minimum and maximum that the bank is willing to offer to you as a student.

Application requirements

Like any other loan, the bank will not lend out money without enough conviction. For this reason, the student must possess and admission letter of the varsity that they have been invited to showing the course they have been called to pursue and the fee amount to facilitate the course.

Upon qualification for the loan, the money will be deposited in the institution’s account so learning can commence. To find out more about this loan from NIC, you can contact them via 0711 041 111, or 0732 041 111




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