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We eat to live: We live to eat. This statement is always contentious. The first part seems true to me; that’s just banter. Boma International Hospitality College is what we are about today.

The Boma Hotel, an enterprise of The Kenya Red Cross Society, runs a culinary school in partnership with Business & Hotel Management School, a Swiss institution.

Are you a foodie? Are you more interested in food preparation than you are in its consumption?

Do you have a passion for hospitality? Then look no further; Boma International Hospitality College is the place to be.

Swiss Hospitality In Kenya

At this time last year, a friend was looking for culinary schools, which she wanted her brother to consider for his college studies. I suggested Utalii College and IHTI, the institutions I knew had a good reputation.

As we looked through the internet, we bumped into Boma International Hospitality College. At that time, the school was advertising and hadn’t officially opened.

Below are the offered courses.

1. Diploma in Hotel Management

A 2-year joint BIHC and BHMS diploma course offering a detailed theoretical and practical approach.

Within two years, students are expected to master all facets of operations through inputs from supporting theories, including F&B and RD m, management, human resources, sales marketing and social media marketing, energy and ecology, accounting/finance, and resort management.

The ultimate aim is to progress toward a bachelor’s in hotel management.

2. Diploma In Culinary Arts

The two-year program in Culinary Arts is designed to meet the needs of individuals eager to embark on a career within hotels and restaurants commercial operations, including catering and institutional organizations.

It is ideal for students looking to pursue the chef’s profession. This is an excellent start to pursuing a Bachelor’s in Culinary Arts.

3. Certificate In Food And Beverage Operations

This one-year program provides students with professional skills to operate within a food and beverage department of a hotel or any food service operations establishment.

Two terms are for on-campus studies, and then this is for industrial attachment.

4. Certificate In Rooms Division Operations & Management

This one-year program provides students with professional skills to run the rooms division department of a hotel or any food service operations establishment.

Learn With The Very Best

If you have been looking for quality culinary education, look no further. You don’t have to fly out to get this education; Boma International Hospitality College is a school for you.

Enroll today to start your career in a vibrant industry; for more information, visit BIHC.

Register today.

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