Kenya National Music Festivals 2024


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The 95th edition of the Kenya National Music Festivals kicked off on Friday om Kitui County. This year’s Festivals has attracted over 150,000 students expected to perform in this year’s theme, “Embracing Cultural Diversity and Connections in the 21st Century and beyond”.

The event will run for six days, with learners from Nursery, Primary and Secondary Schools, Middle level and Vocational Colleges and University students participating in the Festival.

The Kenya Music Festival allows talented and gifted students to develop and showcase their talents nationally, with 6 Schools competing for the Kenya Sign Language Group Verse for Hearing Impaired.

About Kenya National Music Festival

As a co-curricular activity in the Ministry of Education calendar, the Kenya national music festival, through the various genres of art, enables students to interact, learn, practice and appreciate their tradition and culture and that of other communities.

The Festival is a significant event in the school calendar. It provides a forum for mentoring and nurturing good music, dance, and articulation performers to showcase their talents and avail opportunities for career development.

The business community sponsorship of the Festival is to seek and provide an opportunity for the youth to grow their financial competency and showcase their artistic talents through music and poetry.

The Cabinet Secretary for Tourism, Wildlife and Heritage, Penina Malonza, officially opened the Festivals on Saturday.

“This 95th edition festival is displaying an integral role in strengthening national unity while promoting a sense of belonging for all Kenyans even in the face of cultural diversity,” the CS said.

“We have full booking of our Guest house rooms for the next six days by participants attending National Cultural and music festivals, thanks to the visitors, who have come when businesses were sinking,” said Ms Syokau Nathan, a caretaker at Mbusyani Guest House.

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