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The school term is coming to end, and the holidays are finally here. Probably, you are searching for the best private holiday tuition centers in Nairobi.

Bearing in mind that the Government banned holiday tuition for primary and secondary schools, most parents are left to seek for alternatives. In this case, the only option left is to find centers where private tuition is offered.

The Ministry of Education stand on holiday tuition

In August 2015, the ministry of education stipulated that all primary and secondary schools to stop conducting the holiday tuitions. This regulation was based in law; Section 37 of the Basic Education Act 2012. Parties that break the law are subjected to a fine of Ksh. 100,000. The Act applies to both private and public schools.

The best private holiday tuition centers in Nairobi

The search for the best holiday tuition center can be frantic as the City has many budding centers. But, not all can offer your child with the best results. To help you find the best center, here is a list of the Top 3 private holiday tuition centers in Nairobi.

  • Nairobi Tuition
  • Preswin Nairobi Home Tuition
  • Aliphaxe Tuition Centre

Nairobi Tuition

Nairobi Tuition is a private home tuition provider. The center provides full-time, live-in private tuition. They also offer short-term home tutors and part-time after-school tutoring across Kenya. The tuition fee is negotiable.

They specialize in:

  1. KCPE
  2. KCSE
  3. Adult Education
  4. IGCSE

How they deliver their services

  • offer a free educational assessment to identify the needs of a student
  • They offer 90 minutes sessions. You book earlier
  • design intensive programs for individual learners based on their strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats (SWOT)
  • each learner is assigned a trained tutor


Nairobi Home Tuition Center

Nyambane Hse, 3rd FL $ Westlands Jetro Chambers, Mpaka RD,

P.O BOX 2022, City Center,

Nairobi Kenya.

Phone: 0724863397

Email: [email protected]


Preswin Nairobi Home Tuition

Preswin Nairobi Home Tuition offers learners with home tuition at the comfort of their homes. The center has a team of qualified and highly professional teachers with experience to provide private personalized home tuition.

The center offers one-on-one private tutoring in all Nairobi estates. Also, they offer tuition on all subjects at hourly rates.  There is no booking or registration fee.

Preswin offers:

  1. IGCSE
  2. IB
  3. American
  4. British
  5. 8:4:4

why choose Preswin

  • the center has a long tutoring history dating back to 2012, which is an indicator of success
  • charges are hourly and exclude registration and booking fees
  • they have qualified teachers with university degrees in relevant areas
  • you are free to choose a location most convenient to you, either your home or an agreed location with the tutor
  • you can opt out of the tuition at any time you want in case you are unsatisfied


Preswin Nairobi Home Tuition

Parklands Road,

P.O BOX 62540-00200,


Phone: 0723 429 853

Email: [email protected]


Aliphaxe Tuition Center

Aliphaxe Tuition Center is another excellent private holiday tuition center in Nairobi.

The center offers a variety of academic facilities to help students and parents and other clients to access relevant info at the right time. They have up to date programmes ideal for any scholars in any system of education.

The center specializes in:

  1. KCSE
  2. KCPE
  3. IGCSE

Top services at Aliphaxe Tuition Center

some of the major services that Aliphaxe Tuition Center offers include the following.

Syllabus Acceleration

The education sector is often experiencing changes and covering of syllabus becomes a hard task for most teachers. The center helps students who are behind the syllabus in their school to cover the topics in a well-designed schedule. They offer tests on the same and provide progress reports on the covered topics.

Mocks and Exam preparations

The center has a collection of past papers from the best schools in the country inclusive of  KCSE, KCPE, and IGSE past papers. They ensure that the learners are equipped with the required knowledge and confidence to answer the exam questions.


Aliphaxe Tuition Center

Next to Top plaza office suites house number 764,

Kamburu Drive off Ngong Road

P.O BOX 27680,


Phone: 0726 135 016

Email: [email protected]

Holiday time is a perfect time for your children to revise and polish on areas that are somewhat difficult to them. As a parent, it is your responsibility to ensure that they get the best they can in terms of education. The December holiday is the longest and you may want to keep your kids busy. Do not let the holiday festivities to carry away their school needs. Booking them for holiday tuition is the best option you have. This list of top 3 private holiday tuition centers in Nairobi should get you started.

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