iTouch ID: The best way to secure your laptop using fingerprints


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The world is progressively evolving. Hackers are getting smarter every night and that puts your information at risk. This inspired iTouch to develop a fingerprint scanner for laptops that enables you to open your laptop only using your fingerprint. The most secure way to protect your information is by using biometrics such as facial detection and fingerprints which are common.

About iTouch ID

iTouch ID is an interesting USB fingerprint scanner. Some laptops come with a fingerprint scanner that you can use to authenticate and it is very very useful. What about those that don’t? What if you want to use a fingerprint scanner on such laptops/desktops?

iTouch ID Ltd is working on a fingerprint scanner that is connected to a USB port and it’s called iTouch ID. iTouch ID is the smallest USB fingerprint scanner and is compatible with both Mac and PCs.

The minimum you can pledge is Ksh 600 and your name will be placed on the background image of the iTouch ID website and with Ksh 3300 or more pledge, you will be offered the iTouch ID device for Ksh 5500 instead of Ksh 13000. For Ksh 13000 or more pledge, you get a special green edition iTouch ID.

iTouch ID has laser-cut sapphire glass and has aircraft grade aluminum body with a hard anodized finish. The fingerprint sensor has 500 pixels per inch resolution and has Hi-Security AES-256 encryption with unique identifier per device for two-level authentications.

iTouch ID can not only be used to unlock the computer or website, users can also lock/unlock files, act as a password manager. Anything for which there is a password, iTouch ID can act as a simpler authentication mechanism.


Manufacturer: iTouch ID, Ltd.

Fingerprint Sensor:  ID FPS360, capacitive touch to detect the user’s fingerprint

500 pixels per inch resolution, 256 x 300 pixel array

Once plugged into a USB port, the iTouch ID measures only 0.72 inches (18.2 mm width) by 0.42 inches (10.6 mm length) by 0.24 inches (6 mm height)

The laser-cut sapphire crystal glass

Aircraft Grade Aluminum – hard-anodized finish

Power Supply: 5V via USB

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