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In the past, renewing one’s NTSA driving license would require one to take a day off from their normal business to just deal with it. Over time, however, the process has been refined to ensure that renewing licenses only takes a few minutes. To make it even better one can renew it at the comfort of their office. So what exactly is the NTSA driving license renewal procedure online?

The procedure to be followed while renewing your NTSA driving license Online

  1. Step one involves logging in to your eCitizen account. The user’s email address and password will be required.
  2. Select the NTSA tab for driving license renewal.
  3. Submit and then select driving licenses.
  4. There will be two periods to choose from; either 6 months or 1 year
  5. 6 months renewal cost Ks.600, while a year will cost Ks. 1,400 with Ks.50 convenience fee.
  6. Double check all the details and that you have input everything required.
  7. Click submit.
  8. Then select the mode of payment to pay for the service. Mobile services like Mpesa are allowed.
  9. If successful, you will be able to print the NTSA driving license slip.

NTSA stands for National Transport and Safety Authority. Its main mandate is to minimize loss of life through accidents and managing road transport effectively.

NTSA put a stop to the manual renewal of driving license back in 2014. Over the past period, Huduma centers and banks were the only legal places to get a license renewal.

Other services that could be assessed through eCitizen

eCitizen has however recently become one of the fastest and most convenient ways to be able to access government services. some of the government services that can be accessed through this account include:

  • Renewal of a driving license.
  • Issuance of certificate of good conduct.
  • Application for a driving license.

NTSA Driving License Issuance Conditions:

  1. One must have past a driving test and be competent to drive that class of motor vehicle.
  2. Must have an international driving license.
  3. One is able to make a declaration as to whether or not they are suffering from any physical disability or disease that would result in an accident.
  4. A holder of a valid driving license for the class of motor vehicle as granted by a competent authority in Commonwealth countries.
  5. Able to read with glasses a motor vehicle identification plate at 25 meters.

In the past year, NTSA issued a new generation of driving licenses to provide a more comprehensive record regarding its drivers.

Read more on NTSA services

Some of the things included in the NTSA new driving license include:
  • ID number
  • KRA pin
  • Drivers information
  • Record of traffic offenses

NTSA has also come up with a mobile application which can be downloaded from google play store for android phones.

The app provides the following services:

  1. Providing the status of one’s driving license.
  2. The status of Motor vehicle.
  3. Providing status of Sacco license.
  4. Finding out the status of vehicle’s night travel license.
  5. Checking out licensing status and as well as road service.

Further to this, you can also be able to check whether your driving license is fake or original using the eCitizen website.

How to check if a driving license is original or fake

Apart and away from using the eCitizen account, their other ways that could be used to verify one’s driving license.

The Kenya Revenue Authority website under it’s RTD tab, one is able to check whether the NTSA license is valid or not. Through this website also, one is able to renew their driving license.

One can also check the status of their driving license by subscribing to the NTSA service using the shortcode 22430. Then dialing *512# ID No and then clicking okay. The total cost for this service is Ks.6. This is one of the easiest ways to verify a driving license.



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