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The new teachers house allowances pay-out marks the last phase of the implementation the enhanced allowance of teachers as contained in the 2013/2022 CBA signed on 20th June 2016 in Mombasa.

Following the implementation of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) signed by TSC and the Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT), over 300,000 teachers will now be smiling all the way to the banks following an increase in house allowances on top of the improved basic salary.

New Teachers House Allowances

The House allowances as shown in the picture below will be paid in categories with the teachers’ work stations coming into play to determine the rates. Teachers serving in urban areas have an advantage and will, therefore, receive higher house allowances ass compared to their counterparts in rural areas.

Teachers in Nairobi are the highest beneficiaries of the monthly allowance owing to the relatively high cost of living, followed closely by those working in major such as Mombasa, Kisumu, and Nakuru among other towns across the country.

Under the new CBA agreement terms, teachers in Job Groups ‘H’ which corresponds to job group B5 in grading and who are mainly P1 tutors serving in Nairobi will now earn Ksh 6,750 pm up from Ksh. 6,167 with effect from July 1st this year.

New Teachers House Allowances for Teachers In Major and Minor Towns

Teachers in major towns like as Malindi, Mombasa, Nakuru, Kisumu, Eldoret, Kitale, Thika, Kisii, Eldoret, and Nyeri will now earn Ksh 4,500 per month an improvement from Ksh 4,000. Currently, the total number of teachers in Grade B5 is over 132,000.

Teachers serving in other former municipalities will get Ksh 3, 850 monthly which is an increase from Ksh 3, 567, while those teaching in other areas (Rural set ups) will earn Ksh 3, 200 up from the previous Ksh 3, 134.

Tutors in Job Group ‘J’ (Grade C1) and are based in Nairobi County will now be earning Ksh 10,000 per month as House allowance up from Ksh 8,667. Tutors in the same grade but located in major towns will take home Ksh 7,500 up from Ksh 6,167.

Still, teachers in the same category but serving in other former municipalities have had their raise pushed up from Ks 5, 034 pm to Ksh 5, 800 pm. Their colleagues in the rural will take home an amount of Ksh 4, 200 pm which is an improvement from Ksh 3, 967. Job Group ‘J’ (Grade C1) has an estimated number of about 24,500 tutors.

Teachers in Job Group ‘K’ (GradeC2) who are stationed in Nairobi will now earn Ksh 16, 500 pm from Ksh 14, 334. Those in major towns will carry home a whopping of Ksh 12, 800 up from Ksh 10, 534.

Teachers in the same job group/grade station in other former municipalities and have been earning Ksh 8,400 pm as House allowance, will get Ksh 9,600 as an increase. Their colleagues in the rural areas have been awarded Ksh 7,500 up from Ksh 7,000 pm. Teachers in Job Group ‘K’ are estimated to be around 44,000.

New Teachers House Allowances Top Beneficiaries

The highest paid teachers, those in Job Groups ‘P’, ‘Q’ and ‘R’ (Grade D1 – D5) and posted in Nairobi County, have had their House allowance hiked from Ksh 46,667 to a Whopping Ksh 50,000 pm effective immediately.

Their counterparts in the major Towns will be taking home a sum of Ksh 35,000 up from Ksh 28,334 pm as house allowance.

Job Groups ‘P’, ‘Q’ and ‘R’ (Grade D1 – D5) is made up of Senior Principals, Principal Graduate Teachers, and Chief Principals who are about 700.

Their counterparts in other former municipalities will earn Ksh 25,000 up from Ksh 21,667 pm with those in rural areas taking home with a cool Ksh 20,000 from Ksh 18,334pm.

Teachers belonging to Grade D1 will be paid the same House allowance as those in D2 to D5.

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