Safaricom Home Fibre in Kenya


Safaricom Home Fibre is a service that allows you to have fast, reliable and unlimited internet access from the comfort of your home. All one has to do is register and then you are given a WiFi router that will enable you to have wireless and LAN internet access.

Global Village, this is what we call the world today; mostly because we are all connected no matter the miles separating us.

Facebook, Instant Messaging, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snap chat, Skype. These are just but examples of how we stay connected from the comfort of our spaces without giving much thought to our location.

With the rising need for continuous communication and instant gratification, we keep seeking products and services that will gratify this ‘need’ instantaneously.

When it comes to technology, we seek the fastest internet service provider, these have exactly what we need to achieve instant gratification. Today we look at Safaricom Home Fibre, one of the fastest internet service providers in Kenya.

Safaricom Home Fibre New Rates

In a bid to meet every customer work, education and entertainment needs, there are four Safaricom Home Fibre packages available.

Service Plan Bandwidth Monthly Price (KES)
Bronze 5mbps 2,900
Silver 10mbps 3,999
Gold 20mbps 5,699
Platinum 40mbps 11,499

The validity period for each Service plan is 30 days.

What are the benefits?

Each package has its own benefits; the higher the price the better the perks.

  1. The bronze package offers:
    • Basic web surfing
    • Email
    • Social Media
    • Standard Definition (SD) video
    • Moderate speed music and movie downloads
  1. The silver package offers:
    • Unlimited Internet Usage
    • Music streaming
    • Media streaming on YouTube
    • Basic Web surfing
    • E-mail
    • Social Media
    • Standard Definition (SD) video
    • Moderate speed music and movie downloads
  1. The gold package offers:
    • Unlimited Internet Usage
    • High Definition (HD) music streaming
    • E-learning capabilities for online courses
    • High-speed web surfing
    • High speed streaming on YouTube
    • High Definition (HD) movies and videos
    • High-speed music and movie downloads
    • Email
    • Social media
  1. The platinum package offers:
    • Unlimited Internet usage
    • High Definition video surveillance
    • Run multiple activities online (streaming video, music, and gaming)
    • Ultra-High Definition (UHD) music streaming
    • Ultra-High speed media streaming on YouTube
    • E-learning capabilities for online courses
    • Ultra-High Definition (UHD) movies and videos
    • Ultra-High speed web surfing
    • E-mail
    • Social Media

How do you get Safaricom Fibre?

To get the service, dial *400# and select “Get Safaricom Home Fibre” and follow the simple steps. You will then get a call back from Safaricom within 48 hours.

The activation process takes 48 hrs from the time you make your payments.

Safaricom home fibre pay bill

Payments can be done at any Safaricom Shop or dial *400# and select the “Manage my subscriptions” and follow the prompts.

To check if your home area is covered, go to

Installation is free! Get out of the buffer zone today

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