The coolest desktop fan with an LED clock powered by your laptop


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This gadget is called the Mini USB Powered Fan Flexible Gooseneck LED Cooling Flashing USB Temperature Fan for PC Laptop Notebook Desktops.  Basically, the brand tried to stuff every keyword they could that could describe this product into the product title.  What you get however is a Gooseneck LED USB Powered Clock fan that is a unique little gadget and gimmicky though providers a fair amount of airflow.

About the Mini USB Powered Fan

I see this mostly being ideal if you have a USB hub on your desk or USB ports on the side of your monitor where you can have this LED Clock Fan plugged into. If your only USB ports are under your desk with your PC case this won’t really do you much good.

This USB Clock Fan can be powered by any PC USB port or a USB Hub or USB charger with ease.  It can be powered by USB 2 or USB 3 ports as it does not draw much power.

It is quite unique to see the LED lights spin and perfectly represents a clock face, even with ticking second hands and the minute and hour hands moving.  The fact that it is able to perform the movements while spinning is really cool to look at.

The fan blades themselves are very flexible and soft, so you do not have to worry about clipping/scratching your hands or fingers. You can stop the blades anytime without injury.  When the blade is stopped only the green LED light is lit, the red ones do not light up unless the fan blade is spinning.

If you unplug the clock it has an internal battery that stores the last time it was set to, I don’t know how long that lasts but you can easily switch USB ports without having to reset the time again.  Overall if you need a small desk fan, one that also acts as a clock and is powered by USB you may get a kick out of this little cool gadget.


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