NCBA Loop App 2024: Everything You Need to Know


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Curious about tracking your money?

With NCBA Loop, bid farewell to the burden of monthly receipt reconciliations. Gain insights into your income and spending, taking charge of your financial standing and staying ahead. Compare yourself against peers, challenging yourself to achieve more.”

The NCBA loop app also lets you get term loans and overdrafts without seeing or talking to anyone. NCBA loop app will help you consistently Channel your income and transactions through Loop and let your data decide.

What is NCBA Loop

The new service by NCBA bank was meant to eliminate the need for customers to visit physical bank branches, as all the core banking services would be provided through the app. According to NCBA, this app was meant to capture millennials and mentor them by providing expert tools on the app that helps young people to manage their credits.

While the service was meant to eliminate the need for customers to visit physical bank branches, the most annoying aspect is the registration process. Once you download the app, you must register for the Loop account, which involves filling out several forms on your device.

The information required is also unnecessary, but NCBA thought that you shouldn’t get an account if you cannot give them details of how much you earn monthly, where you work (the address,) and even where you live. As if that was not enough, filling out the forms is just the tip of the iceberg.

It would be best to walk into a bank, take time to get your biometrics and picture taken and collect your MasterCard-powered NCBA Loop Debit Card.

The Best Part of NCBA Loop Service

However, despite all the hustle, the best thing about NCBA Loop and the core of the service is the app itself. Admittedly, the app is beautifully designed and well thought out. Once you launch the app, you’re met with a dashboard that shows you an analysis of your income versus your spending and an “Ok to spend” tab that shows you how much money you have to play around with.

Most young people in the country do several transactions via their phones. As such, NCBA Loop App enables its users to; Send money at any time, Pay utility bills conveniently anywhere, Borrow loans, manage their finances, Invest money, Invite friends to join the love loop, and create financial goals. NCBA like to call this app the LoveLoopp for reasons well known to them.

How to get started with the NCBA Loop app

  • You can download the app from Google Play or AppStore for Android users.
  • Downloading the app is just the first step to being an NCBA looper. You will have to register the account and load it with money.

Loopers can use the following methods to load money into the loop account.

NCBA Loop Mpesa Pay Bill 714777

  1. Go to your M-Pesa menu
  2. Select Pay Bill
  3. Enter business number 71477
  4. Enter your NCBA Loop account number or your mobile phone number. (the one you used to register your Loop account with)
  5. Complete transaction.

Loop to the  Loop transfer

This is like peer-to-peer money transfer, where you can send money to another looper via the app.

  • Log in to your NCBA Loop account
  • Click on the MENU Icon on the left side of the app
  • Select the send money option
  • Select send money to mobile, then send via Loop
  • Fill in the recipient’s details, the  amount to send
  • Click send

Wire transfer from other Banks

This option allows you to make an electronic funds transfer or a real-time gross settlement to your NCBA Loop account from your bank account.

(Option for NCBA account holders)Log in to your NCBA Bank account using the NCBA Internet Banking platform. Select ‘Send to Loop’ from the listed money transfer options.

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