List of Kenya National Parks


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Kenya National parks are a spectacular display of the best that nature has to offer, they spread all across the land within one country, which makes it the primary Safari destination of many people from all over the world.

The flora and fauna of Kenya national parks are just magnificent, plus the wide variety of wild animals make the parks a must visit for an experience of a lifetime. kenya-Africa offers all the information you need to know about the national parks to help you make an informed decision about which park to visit.

Where to go?

Kenya national parks are quite diverse that, they have something for all people depending on what your taste or preference is. Most people usually combined two or more parks when booking their safari tours; the only consideration you have to make is the distance between the parks you do not want to spend most of your time on travel.

Park access

All the Kenya national parks are restricted (but not fenced), but they are easily accessible by road, and most of the parks have an airstrip, for people using chartered flights. Different parks offer different experiences, like the hot air balloon safaris at Maasai Mara national park, or the nature walk at Nairobi national park or the amazing trekking and walking safaris at Mt Elgon and Aberdare national parks.

The weather in Kenya Africa stays warm throughout the year, a factor that will allow one to be flexible in choosing when to Visit, but most people prefer to go on a safari in Kenya during the rainy season when the grass is greener and the scenery is just breathtaking, even though driving can get tough on some of the parks unpaved roads.

Kenya national parks are basically categorized under two groups National parks and game reserves and the game reserves are run by the communities around them but still under the authority of Kenya wildlife will refer to all of them as national parks.

Some of the popular national parks include

Aberdare national park

Aberdare is where you will find a large population of the endangered black rhino, plus a host of other game animals like, the lion, leopard, African elephant, African hunting dog, giant forest hog, bushbuck, mountain reedbuck, waterbuck, cape buffalo, suni, side-striped jackal, eland, duikers olive baboon, black and white Colombus monkey, and Sykes monkey.

Amboseli national park

The park has an abundant supply of water and green vegetation which attracts, herds of the Big mammals in search of food. Amboseli national park is primarily Elephant country; here you will encounter, herds of elephant basking in the evening sun or playing in the water swamps. Learn more

Hells Gate National park

Far from the sound of its name hells gate national park is an ideal family park, highly regarded as a weekend getaway spot, away from the hectic city life. The park is popular due to the unusual hot geysers and springs, which are rich in algae due to the high concentration of alkaline making it an ideal breeding ground for the big birds. Learn more

Maasai Mara national park

Every year around May-June Masai Mara plays host to the greatest spectacle on earth ” wildebeest migration”; a migration where millions of animal band together and trek the Kenyan savannah in one accord in search of greener pasture. Learn more

Nairobi national park

The world’s first city park, established in 1945 is still probably the most famous, due to its unique location within city limits, the park is only 7 km(about 20 minutes) from Nairobi city center. Learn more

Tsavo national park

The park is Kenya’s largest national park, and one of the world largest game reserve. The park became popular even before it was gazetted as a national park. When the British were building the Kenya Uganda railway; the biggest problem they encountered was around Tsavo in Mtito Adei forest; where about 138 men were killed by the “Tsavo man-eaters”.Learn more

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